Create Help Files Quickly and Easily with FastHelp.

FastHelp is a Windows Help File Generator that produces online and offline documentation. Compile to any of the following formats, all from a single source editor. That means you type once then compile to whatever format you need. Watch the video further down this page to see how intuitive FastHelp is. Below is a list of compile formats that FastHelp produces.

  • HtmlHelp (.CHM)
  • Website Help
  • Printable Manuals
  • MS Word Manuals
  • PDF
  • Windows Mobile Help
  • wxWidgets Help
  • WinHelp (.HLP)

Time and again we’ve been chosen over our competitors because FastHelp saves you time and money by being incredibly intuitive and productive. Why spend your valuable time on steep learning curves with other products when you can create a fully functional help file in under One Minute with Fast-Help. Then all you have to do is type in the help text. We have a loyal customer base that range from independent developers to companies like, NASA, General Motors, 3M and Motorola. Download a fully functional trial version now and see how easy it is to create help documentation.

The latest version is v9

Watch this Video: An Overview of FastHelp

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Excellent customer service and a super product.”

Martin Crilly

BT (British Telecom)