Backups and Restores
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This option is available from the "File" menu.


The first option is for a Minimum backup. Most sub-folders of your Project contain files that Fast-Help  generates when you compile, so Fast-Help can recreate all these files and folders if it has the Project .mdb file and the Images folder. The only exception to this is if you create files in these folders. If you do, then you need to create a Full backup.

Full Backups

Each of the sub-folders of your Project are shown and initially checked. All folders that are checked will be included in the backup. When a folder is checked all files and sub-folders of that folder will be backed up too.

All backups are stored in the Backups folder below your Project.

File name

This is the zip file name of your backup.

Click the [Backup] button to begin your backup. Your project will be closed, backed up, then re-opened again.

Once the zip file has been created, display the folder in Explorer

If you check this option, the folder containing the new backup will be displayed in Explorer.


The Restores tab shows a list of the zip files within your Project's Backups folder. Select the file you want to restore to and click [Restore]. This will overwrite your existing files, so please ensure that this is what you want to do.

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