Cascading Changes
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When you make changes to your Base Language, whether it is editing, formatting or adding and deleting Topic or Popups, these changes will not be shown in any of your Translation Languages until you Cascade the changes. Select "Translations | Cascade Changes" and the following screen will appear:-

The current Language is displayed at the top. You have two things you can do now, select an existing Revision or Add a new Revision. When you first create a new Translation Language, the Revision "1.0" is automatically added. If you leave the "New Revision" field empty and click OK, all changes will be cascaded under the existing Revision number.

Update Status Icons

If the "Update Status Icons" is un-checked then the Status icons, i.e. Red, Amber and Green, will not be affected when cascading. This can be useful if you have made changes to the base language but you do not want those changes to affect the overall status of the Translation language.

Update Images

During cascade the image in your Project's "Images" folder are checked to see if they exist in the "Images" folder of your translation. Any that are not found are copied there. If an image is found, then the date and time is compared with the base language image. If the base language image is newer, and the "Update Images" option is checked, then the image in the Translation "Images" folder will be over-written. If this option is un-checked then existing files will not be over-written.

What is a Revision?
It is a way for you to keep track of major changes to your Translation Language. Let's say you finish your Base Language Project and you are now ready to Translate it into Japanese. You add Japanese as a new Language and all translation pages will now have a Revision of "1.0" against them. You then send your Translator your Language, they translate it, send it back and everyone is happy. Then you realize you need two new Topics, so you add them to your Project, but you don't want to send all your data to the Translator again, just the changes. So you need to track what these changes are, so you add a new Revision, "1.1" when you Cascade Changes.

This gives you the flexibility of later filtering on only "1.1" and to Export to your Translator only Revision "1.1"

How does Fast-Help decide what to Change?

Fast-Help uses some simple rules to decide what has changed and when to overwrite or leave data alone. The rules are as follows:-

You will be able to view and print the log once the changes have been cascaded.

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Your Project is your Base Language. It does not matter what language it is, but to refer to it in relation to other languages, it is referred to as the Base Language.