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Fast-Help was developed under Windows 10. It will run under all 32bit and 64bit Windows Operating Systems as follows:-

    Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 32bit and 64bit


Windows Server 2003 and 2008 in 32bit and 64bit

Windows XP

Windows ME

Windows 2000

Windows 98

Windows 95

NT 4.0

NT 3.5

Compatibility of Produced Files


Any 32bit / 64bit Windows operating system from Win95b onwards.


Any 32bit Windows operating system. Windows 7, 8, Windows  10and Vista do not natively support WinHelp, but you can choose to install support for it by downloading the appropriate files from Microsoft:


Any operating system that supports html, such as Windows and Linux. The Website Help files compiled with the optional Apple MAC support, also support Safari and Internet Explorer v5.5 for the MAC.


MS Word compatible


Adobe compatible. Any operating system that supports PDF files, such as Windows, Mac and Linux

PocketPC .htm

Any hand-held device that supports PocketPC or Windows CE.


wxWidgets Help files will work on Windows, Linux and MAC OS X.