Compiling for wxWidgets Help
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What is wxWidgets Help?

wxWidgets is a rapidly growing cross-platform programming framework that supports both HtmlHelp and its own help format. HtmlHelp will only work under Windows, but wxWidgets Help will work in Windows, Unix and on the Apple Mac. The file extension for wxWidgets Help is ".htb" and when you compile, this file will be saved in the "wxWidgets" folder below your Project folder.

Note: The "HtmlHelp" folder is used for the temporary files when compiling, rather than recreating all these files in another temporary folder. So if you are switching between HtmlHelp and wxWidgets Help, ensure that you have "Quick Compile" unchecked. This will force all pages to be refreshed during compile.

Displaying wxWidgets Help

Fast-Help comes with a redistributable viewer called "HelpView.exe", which is in the "Compilers" folder below the Fast-Help installation folder. When you select "Project | Display | wxWidgets Help", the following command is run:

  "C:\Folder path\HelpView.exe" "C:\Location of help file\YourHelpFile.htb"

and it is loaded.

Differences between HtmlHelp and wxWidgets Help

You can find out more about wxWidgets from

You can also download a HelpViewer for different platforms, written by Anthemion Software, from the links below:


Download Link

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Download HelpView v1.1 for Windows


Download HelpView v1.1 for i386 Linux


Mac OS X

Download HelpView v1.1 for Mac OS 10.3