Compiling PocketPC Help
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Your compile screen should look something like this:

File name:
Your file name will automatically have the extension ".htm" if you have chosen "Pocket PC 2002 or greater" or ".htp" if you have chosen "v2.0". You can use a different file name if you choose.

Pocket PC Version
For compatibility the v2.0 option is provided. If selected, your file will be saved with the extension ".htp". The normal option should be "Pocket PC 2002 or greater". If you are not sure, then choose 2002 or greater.

Images Sub-Folder

Most people copy their PocketPC Help file and all their images into the "..\windows" folder on the PocketPC device. If you want to do this then leave this field blank and all the images in your project will be placed in the same folder as your PocketPC help file, making distribution easier. If you want to keep your images separate, then simply type in the name of your images folder and it will be created during compile.

Automatically Create Contents
If the "Automatically Create Contents" option is checked then Fast-Help will create a contents that will look like your Contents structure in Fast-Help. Collapsible headings and editable headings are not supported by PegHelp, which is the PocketPC help viewer, so all contents items will be links. PocketPC uses a single file rather than multiple html files, so all links point to anchors or bookmarks within the same file. This is handled automatically for you by Fast-Help.

If you choose not to let Fast-Help create your contents then the first page of your Project will be used as your contents.

Include an Index
If checked, Fast-Help will create a list of keywords on the last page of your help file. Each keyword will link to the topic that is associated with it. This list will be based on the "Index" tab within Fast-Help. Sub-keywords, i.e. keywords indented below others, are not supported.

Include Search Keywords
When you view your help file in PocketPC you will see a "Find" button on the bottom of the view. If you tap this it will allow you to search your help file. If "Include Search Keywords" is checked, then the keywords in your "Index" will be searched and the results displayed in a similar way to a search engine search results.

Create a Link File
PegHelp uses link files to integrate your help file into all the other help files that PegHelp is aware of on the device. If this option is checked then you will find a file name with the same as your help file, but with the extension ".lnk". This is not the same as a Windows link file. When you install your application and help file on the device, copy the link file to the \Windows\Help folder on the device. The Help file does not need to be in this folder, only the link file. The help file can be installed in any folder on the device.

Save as UTF-8

When checked, your htm file will be saved as UTF-8 instead of ansi. This will enable any unicode characters in your help project to be correctly displayed on the mobile device.

Display in Browser when finished

If this is checked then your desktop browser will display your help file when finished. This is just to allow you to quickly see it and gives you an idea of how it will look once installed on a PocketPC device.

Append to the Bottom of each Topic

Navigation on PocketPC devices is always a challenge, so you may want to add a line to the bottom of each topic with a link to the Contents and / or the Index. You can choose both options, just one, or none. If you choose both, the links will be on the same line.

You can customize the Contents and Link text by using variables. When Fast-Help compiles your PocketPC help file, it looks for the reserved variables, PPC_CONTENTS and PPC_INDEX. If it finds them it will use the text there for your link text, otherwise the words "Contents" and "Index" will be used.