Compiling Website Help
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This screen creates a Website help system that can work on Windows and Unix. The initial Home Page File name is "index.html" but you can change it to whatever you like. If you have a Topic called Index, then you will need to change the home page file name to something different.

Include Contents

This creates a JavaScript based table of contents that functions much as a HtmlHelp file does.

Include Index

This is the same index you see within Fast-Help and allows your users to click on a keyword to display a Topic.

Include Search

There are two kinds of searches you can produce, the first is a simple search, that indexes the words from your Title and any keywords for this Topic. If you also check the Full Text Search option then every word in your Project will be indexed. The only downside to Full Text Searching is that the index will be loaded into memory on your users machine while they use it. If your project is huge then this could use up a large amount of their memory.

When "Full Text Search" is checked, Fast-Help looks for a text file called "ExcludeWordList.txt" in your Website project folder. If it is not found then it is copied from the Templates folder. This file contains a list of words that should be excluded from the Full Text Search list. Each word should have it's own line. Users of Fast-Help International will find this file in the Language folder for each translation.

You can also customize how the search results are presented to the user from the Search tab of Website Options.

Include Nonscroll/Header section

If this is checked then the Nonscroll region which you see at the top of the editor, will be included. The reason this is optional is because Html does not natively support Nonscroll regions. Fast-Help adds this feature by use of JavaScript to create a very effective visual impact.

Add Browse Buttons

If checked, the images specified in HtmlHelp Compiler Options for the browse images will be added to the top right of the Nonscroll region so that your user can navigate to the next and previous topics within each section.

Enable Apple MAC browser support

If this option is checked, the JavaScript files that control the Table of Contents and Search features of the Website Help, will be saved as ANSI, instead of Unicode. The main Apple Mac Browsers, Safari and Internet Explorer 5.5, will not load unicode JavaScript files, so these files will be saved as ANSI in order to support these browsers. Opera for the MAC is not supported. Also, please note that Safari does not support cookies when browsing files on its file system, the files need to be on a web server before cookies will work. This affects searching. But once your website is uploaded to the Internet, the search will work correctly.

Quick Compile

When checked each Topic is checked to see if there have been any changes since it was last compiled and only changes are processed. The very first time you compile you will not see the benefit, but each subsequent time you will see dramatic speed increases.

Click on the Options button at the bottom of the screen to see more Website Help specific options.

Click [OK] to begin preparing your Website. It will automatically be displayed in your browser when complete.

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