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This option is found on the "Contents Properties" tab in "WinHelp Compiler Options".

Link Files

To add an entry here just fill in the help file name followed by a semi-colon and any comments, i.e.:-

    KEYHELP.HLP ; I want to search this help file too

WinHelp generates its search index from all the keywords in your help file. WinHelp will also search any files listed here for "A" or "K" keywords.

If you have used ALink or KLink macros then you'll need to list the relevant help files here if you haven't already listed them in the Index files list.

Index Files

You can use this facility to create a modular help system comprised of multiple help files. This can be very useful if you have modular software which a user might decide to add only 3 out of 5 elements. In this case you would not want to include the extra help that they'll never use. However you have the choice to add or modify this at a later date as your users needs change.

For example, if you have an entry in the contents which jumps to a topic in module2.hlp and WinHelp cannot find module2.hlp, then it will not display that contents entry.

To add an entry here just fill it in the help title, then the help file name followed by a semi-colon and any comments, i.e.:-

    Search me too=KEYHELP.HLP ; I want to search this help file too

If the user chooses "Custom" when in the Find Setup Wizard they will see the help title.


If you add more help files to an existing system, i.e. via upgrades, the extra entries in the contents will not appear until you re-initialize the help file. You can do this with the following command :-

    winhelp -g filename.hlp


The default Tabs that you get in Win95 are "Contents", "Index" and "Find". You can extend these by adding your own tabs but to achieve this you need to write a DLL which supplies the following function :-


If you were to fill in tab details for your project's contents the syntax is as follows :-

    Johns Tab=MYHELP.DLL ; this is my own special tab

Where "Johns Tab" is the tab name, "MYHELP.DLL" is the DLL name and the text after the semi-colon is your comments.

This topic is very advanced and of a specialized nature and as such is not covered in any further detail here. You can obtain further information from the Microsoft Windows SDK.