Saving a Topic as a Template
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Any topic can be used to create a Template. Right-click within the Help Text area and select "Save As | Fast-Help Template". Templates will be stored in the "Templates" folder, located beneath the Fast-Help installation folder.

Our recommendation is that you leave the Help Text area blank, apart from perhaps one character, and that you format it with the Style that you use normally.

When you add a new Topic, Fast-Help looks in the Nonscroll area above the Help Text for "[Title]". If it finds this reserved word it replaces it with the Title you entered when adding the new Topic.

Templates have the extension ".fht" and if you look in the Templates folder you will see two files saved per Template. The second file has the same name as the one you typed in when saving, but has the suffix "Nonscroll". This is used internally by Fast-Help to load the Nonscroll Region.

You can edit an existing template by selecting "Tools | Templates" menu.

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The Nonscroll region is the area above the main Help Text where the title of your page is normally displayed. The Help Text area can contain as much text as you desire and will be scrolled as expected in the compiled help file. But the Nonscroll region will remain constant, never scrolling, as you scroll the main Help Text, hence its name.