Dealing with Duplicated Text
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There are bound to be phrases and words which are duplicated within your Translation, for example, when you add a new Topic, the Title is added to the Contents and to the Nonscroll region above your help text and to the Index as a keyword. This feature allows you to simplify your translation by checking for what you have translated and then applying that to matching text throughout the Translation.

Note: Because this feature can potentially make a lot of changes you may wish to backup your project before proceeding.

This option is accessed from the "Translation" menu and has two sets of choices, the first is where you want to search for translated text and the second is how you wish to apply that translated text.

Choosing where to search for Translated Text

You have three options, the first, "Titles" will check the "Title" field for every Translated Topic. The Title field is displayed below. The second option will search the Nonscroll region, also shown below, which is the section above your help text.

And the third option is the Index. If you choose this then all Translated keywords will be used to search the rest of your Project. In each case Fast-Help will take a copy of the Translated and the Original text. It will then search your Translation, based on the rules below, for the Original text. If it finds any, it applies the Translation.

If you check the option "Use Pages that are Part-Translated as well as Translated" then your search will also include items with an Amber Status.

Applying The Translated Text

Part-Translated Items: Normally only Un-translated items will be searched, but checking this option will also include Part-Translated items.

Translated Items: If this is checked then any text that matches from the search will be applied to your Translated items as well.

Any matching text in the Nonscroll Region: If checked, the Nonscroll Region will also be searched for any text that matches the Original text.

Any matching Titles: If checked,  this searches your Translation for Titles that match the original text.

Any matching Index Keywords: If checked, any matching Keywords in the Index will be translated and their status set to Translated.

Any matching Help Text: If checked, your Help Text will also be included in the search.

Any matching Strings: This refers to the "Strings" tab and any entries found there.


Once you click OK, and the search for duplicates is complete a report will be displayed showing what Fast-Help has done. A copy of it is also created in the "Reports" folder below your Translation.