Distributing Popup ActiveX
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The Popup ActiveX was developed by Keyworks and is freely available and distributable. On installation the file "KeyHelp.ocx" is copied to your sytem directory, which is either "windows\system" or "windows\system32" depending on your operating system. You can also download it from our site at:-

  http://www.Fast-Help.com/download/full/KeyHelp.zip [107k]

To allow your users to use your help file using ActiveX Popup's your need to either let your installation tool register it for you or do it manually using the following command from your system folder:-

regsvr32.exe KeyHelp.ocx

Automatic Installation?

We have also produced a setup file that will do this automatically. Please download it from:-


There are two ways to run it:

  1. Just double-click it and it will install and let you know it's finished.
  2. Or you can run it silently, "RegisterKeyHelp.exe /VERYSILENT" and this will simply show a confirmation that it has been installed.