Controlling your Documentation
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Select "Project | Documentation Options" and you can control how your Project is converted into a Document. You can convert your Project into a Printable Document, MS Word compatible Document or a PDF Document. The following options determine how it will look. Click on the image on the left for more specific information:-


Control the margins and what pages to include, as well as inserting blank pages between sections.

Front Cover

Like the front cover of a book, you can insert a title, image etc, here.


You may want to dedicate your Project to somebody or to acknowledge all the good people who contributed.

Table of Contents

Control how this should look, whether you use page numbers etc.

Help Text

Decide whether to use the Nonscroll regions or the Title. Specify what appears in the Header and Footer.


You may wish to make references to research or further reading or tables of elements or whatever.


Decide how your index will look what the title will be and what font settings to use.

Back Cover

If you use a Front Cover, you'll probably use a Back Cover to finish it off.