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These are the choices within the "Edit" menu


Undoes the last operation. The shortcut is Ctrl+Z


Repeats the last operation that was undone. The shortcut is Ctrl+Y


Deletes the currently selected text and copies it to the clipboard. The shortcut is Ctrl+X


Copies the currently selected text to the clipboard. The shortcut is Ctrl+C


Pastes the contents of the clipboard into the current field. The shortcut is Ctrl+V

Paste as Plain Text

Pastes the contents of the clipboard into the current field, removing any formatting.

Paste as OLE Container

For example, if you copy a part of an image from PaintBrush.exe to the clipboard, then choose this option, Fast-Help will remember the original application and when you click in the pasted object, you will be able to use the original programs editing features.

Add a Topic/Heading

Opens the Add Topic dialog.

Add a Topic from another Projecct

This option will load the a list of projects from the Multi-Project register where you can choose a page from one of the slave projects. This feature is only available in the Corporate Edition.

Delete Topic

Deletes the current entry in the Contents

Delete Multiple Pages

When checked, displays a check box beside each Contents entry and allows you to quickly delete any checked page.

Select All

Selects all the text in the editor. The shortcut is Ctrl+A


Finds text within the Editor. The shortcut is Ctrl+F

Go To Topic Number

This is used to track any errors in the WinHelp Error Log, which refers to Topic Numbers. Type in the number from the error log and Fast-Help will go to that topic.


Finds and Replaces text within the Editor. The shortcut is Ctrl+H

Restore to an earlier point

Loads any previously saved Restore Points, allowing you to go back to a previously saved point, for the current page.

Delete Link

If your are currently selecting a Link then this option will remove the hidden link, leaving the text in tact.