Editable Headings

Since this is the first time you have selected this option it may help to know what to expect from your Editable Headings.

An Editable Heading is a HtmlHelp-only feature. This means that if you are only compiling CHM files, then you do not have to worry about any other compile formats. But if you will also be compiling your Project as a Document or a WinHelp or a Website help file, then please be aware that these other formats do not support Editable Headings. In effect this means that your Heading will appear simply as a Heading in all other compile formats, without any help text.

You can turn on and off the Editable Heading setting from the "HtmlHelp" tab on the Properties tab of the page. The Properties tab is below the editor.

Note: This help page only displays the First Time you select this option, and will not automatically display again.