Editing an Anchor

When you insert an Anchor into your help text you will see the following icon.

When you pass your mouse over it you will see the name of the Anchor. To edit it, simple click it and you will see the following screen:

In the above screenshot, the Anchor name is "ThirdParagraph". Simply change your Anchor name to whatever you wish. Clicking on the [Show Advanced Options] button will reveal the following screen:

The "HelpID" field is only needed if you wish to reference this Anchor from your application. For example, if you have written an application that references topics using HelpIDs, you may want to go directly to the Anchor of the page. To do this, you will need to specify a HelpID. You can either type a unique HelpID in, or you can click on the [Get HelpID] button, and the next available HelpID will be assigned.

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