Editing Templates
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To get to the screen below, select "Tools | Templates" from the menu.

Templates Folder

The default installation folder is your "..\My Documents\FastHelp Projects\Templates" folder but you can change this to a central location on a shared server folder so that other users can share your templates.

Editing / Adding / Deleting / Renaming

On the left of the screen is a list of your templates. Select a template, by clicking on it and it will then load into the editor on the right. In the example above, the template i very simple, it only has the reserved word "[Title]" in the Nonscroll section at the top. When you add a new topic using this template, the Title that you type in for your page will replace the [Title]. This is the only reserved word that can be inserted.

You can add images, formatted text etc, so that the template matches your company preferences. When you have finished your changes, click the Save icon.

To add a new Template, click on the [+] icon in the toolbar.

To delete a Template, click on the [X] icon in the toolbar.

You can also rename a template by clicking on the right-most icon in the toolbar.

Tip: Right-click in the help text to insert images, variables etc.

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