Exporting to the Translator
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This screen is accessed by selecting the "Translations" menu, followed by the "Export to Translator" option.

The purpose of this screen is to extract the translatable text from your Project and prepare it to be sent to your Translator, usually as a zip file. Fast-Help comes with a freely distributable editor called "The Translation Assistant". This is effectively a cut-down version of Fast-Help which your Translator can use to edit your help text. The Translation Assistant editor is a protected editor, meaning that non-text objects cannot be deleted. For example, images, links and objects cannot be destroyed, even accidentally.

Choosing a Revision

If you choose "All", then the whole Project will be exported to a file called TrData.zip. But you can also choose a Revision, such as 1.1 or 1.2 etc. When you select "Cascade Changes" from the Translations menu, you get the choice of specifying a revision. This is useful if you want to identify a set of changes. If you have specified a Revision, then a file called TrRevision.zip will be created.

Sending your files to your Translator

If your Translator will be using the Translation Assistant, then send the TrData.zip file and the TrSetup.exe - which is the Translation Assistant setup file. The latest version is always available from our site at:


When you send your files to the Translator, they need to have the TrData.zip file and the TrSetup.exe files in the same folder, then when they run the TrSetup.exe file, it will extract your data from the TrData.zip file.

If you are sending a Revision to your Translator, please ask them to copy the TrRevision.zip file into the TrData folder below the Translation Assistant installation folder. This file will then be read in and deleted the next time the Translation Assistant is loaded.