Importing WinHelp Projects

Since this is the first time you have imported a WinHelp file it may help to know what to expect from your import. Imported projects are rarely perfect. This is because the program that you used to create the original document has it's own ways of doing things, as all programs have. If your project was de-compiled, then the MS compiler also has it's own ways of doing things - for example, it does not necessarily store your original HelpIDs and Context Strings within the HLP file, so these have to be "guessed" when de-compiling.

So Fast-Help tries to figure out the nuances of the original program during import. We know it gets it right most of the time because we have tested it on so many files. But sometimes there are incompatibilities and so you may need to touch up your imported project, check formatting, links etc, so that you can be sure of the integrity of your imported project, but please check everything. Fast-Help does most of the hard work for you, but it is limited by the range of programs that could have created the originals in the first place. If for any reason your project does not import, please zip it and e-mail it to us at and let us know as about the original program that created it and any problems you experienced.

Tidying up after Importing

The import process will try to reproduce your old help file as precisely as possible, but the nature of conversion means that not everything will be perfect. You may have some formatting to tidy up etc. To help with this there are some tools that you might find useful:

Note: This help page only displays the First Time you import, and will not automatically display again.