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These are the choices within the "File" menu

New Project

Displays the Create New Project screen.

Open Project

Open an existing Project

Save Project

Saves everything in your Project.

Save Project As

This will make a copy of your Project in a new folder, and move across all your images and any Translations you may have.

Rename Project

Renames the internal Project name, i.e. the one you see on the top left of the screen. To rename the Project .mdb file please close Fast-Help and rename it using Explorer.

Backup/Restore Project

Displays the Backup / Restore Screen.

Delete Project

Deletes the current Project.

Print page

Prints the current help text page.

Print Page Preview

Shows a Print Preview of the current help text page

Import - WinHelp

Displays the Import WinHelp Wizard screen where you can import a .HLP or .HPJ file.

Import - HtmlHelp  (CHM) Project

This wizard will import a HHP file or decompile a CHM file and import it into Fast-Help.

Import - Html Files

Use this Wizard to import a html file or a whole folder of Html files into Fast-Help.

Import - MS Office Document

If you have MS Office installed, then you can use this wizard to import MS Word documents.

Pages from other Projects

You can use this feature to import pages from other Fast-Help Projects.

.HM File

.HM files are contain lists of ContextStrings and their corresponding HelpIDs, usually produced by products such as ForeHelp.


Closes Fast-Help

(Last Project)

Shows up to four of the last opened Projects. Clicking on any one of these will re-open that Project.