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This is a screen shot of the "Files and Options" tab within the "Windows" tab in "HtmlHelp Compiler Options". In the current version of MS HtmlHelp, many of these options do not have much effect, but are included for comprehensive support of the MS Html Help Compiler. Each section is described in only broad terms below as there is no MS documentation for these features:-

Window Frame and Style

These options affect how the edges of the Window look and behave. The most useful options in this category are "Tool Window" and "Dialog Frame"


Determines if your window will be on top of others, open maximized or minimized.

International Options

This section can be very useful if your users language is an Asian or Eastern language where right-to-left support is important.


These options are grouped together because mostly no-one knows what they do or are very rarely used, but they are included here for comprehensive support for the MS Html Help Compiler.


Default Topic

This is the first Topic that will be displayed when this Window opens.

Contents File Name

You can associate this window with a different contents file. If this is the "Main" window then you can leave this blank and Fast-Help will manage it for you.

Index File Name

Like the Contents File name above, you can specify a separate index file or allow Fast-Help to manage it for you if this is the "Main" window.