Folder Paths
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The "Folder Paths" tab is the fifth tab in "Project Settings".


FastHelp Projects Folder

Each time you create a new project, FastHelp will prompt you to create it in the "FastHelp Projects Folder". This folder is also used to store the HelpSettings.ini file which contains settings that affect all projects. If you want to store these files in another location then you can choose a new folder.

Templates Folder

After installation, FastHelp stores the "Templates" folder below the FastHelp Projects Folder. The Templates folder contains several files that are used during compiling. You may wish to store your Templates in a shared folder so that other users can access them, and perhaps for the convenience of centralized backups. If you change the Templates folder, as soon as you click the OK button, the contents of your Templates folders will be copied to the new location.

Themes Folder

The Themes folder is a sub-folder of the Templates folder and contains the arrow shapes for Flyover Popups. You can specify your own folder, which you may want to do if you store your own custom shapes on a network folder.

Status Images

This folder is also a sub-folder of the Templates folder by default. It contains the Status Images used in the Contents tree. Below is an example of some status images being used. You can specify your own folder, which can be a network shared folder.

Create Temporary Files in this folder

Normally, temporary files are created when you load a Project and when you compile. Those temporary files are stored in the "FastHelp Projects Folder" by default. However you can specify your own folder for temporary files. This can be very useful if you have special folders that are excluded from anti-virus or replication. Both of these program types can slow down the compile process because they try and process the temporary file and FastHelp can create these files at a rate of 5 per second. But FastHelp must wait until any other program is finished with the temporary file, which can slow the compile process.

wxWidgets Help Viewer

By default the wxWidgets viewer is "HelpView.exe" and is located in the "Compilers" folder below your installation folder. However, you can specify your own viewer and folder location.