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The "General" tab is the first tab in "Project Settings".

Miscellaneous Settings

Save all changes without asking?

If this option is unchecked then if you make changes to a page and then try to move to another page, you will be asked if you want to save your changes. If this option is checked then you will no longer be asked to save changes to a page.

Automatically Sort the Index

The index can be manually sorted or automatically sorted. If you want FastHelp to maintain the sorting automatically then check this option.


Some Eastern languages are read right-to-left whereas western languages are read from left-to-right. If you want to set this Project as a Right-to-Left Project then check this option.

The default Direction for HTML is Right-To-Left

You can also specify whether the HTML that FastHelp produces is right-to-left. If you check this option then this will affect the compiled output to CHM, Website Help and wxWidgets.

Save WinHelp Project file as Unicode

This option is unchecked by default. If you use unicode and compile for WinHelp, then please check this option.

Add the Popup Title to the Help Text of new Popups

If this option is checked then when you add a new Popup will the Popup title will automatically be added to the top of the page.

Show WinHelp Options Under Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

The latest versions of Windows do not support WinHelp directly, and although you can compile your Project to WinHelp, you will not be able to view the resulting HLP file. So by default, this option is unchecked. Checking it will reveal all the WinHelp options. With Windows 7 Microsoft decided to allow WinHelp support but you need to install it manually. Please go to the link below to download WinHelp support for your specific operating system.

Although FastHelp will still compile to WinHelp you will not be able to view your HLP files on Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 without installing the above support for it first.

Show Status Images in the Contents

When checked, you can see small images next to each contents entry. These images represent the status of each page. You can customize these images in the Status Images screen. This image below shows several status images in the contents tree. The green status image indicates that those pages are complete. The orange arrows indicates the page is in progress and the yellow image indicates the page is new.

Enable Live Spelling

When this option is checked, whenever you make a change to your help text in the editor, FastHelp will automatically spell-check the words as you type and underline any misspelled words with a red squiggly underline, like this:


If you do not want to use this feature, then simply uncheck this option.

Set the editor to use Unicode Only

If this option is checked then the editor will default to Unicode only, and all pasted text will be converted to Unicode. This option is ideally suited to Eastern languages.

Use advanced Unicode keyboard editing

When the editor is set to Unicode only, this option changes how the keyboard characters are translated. When unchecked, all keystrokes are translated using the current regional settings. When checked, your keystrokes will not be intercepted. Use this option if your particular keyboard layout is not appearing correctly within the editor.

Show the Tasks tab

When checked, the "Tasks" tab will appear to the right of the "Translations" or "Index" tab, depending on what edition of FastHelp you have.

Save Diagnostic Logs

This option is checked by default. When checked, FastHelp will save diagnostic log files. If you ever experience an issue within FastHelp you can send these files to our support staff to assist in understanding what was happening at the time of the issue. These files can grow quite large. If you uncheck this option the files will not be created. You can turn this option on or off at any time.

When editing ContextStrings select the existing text

On the "Properties" tab next to the editor, you can change the "ContextString" field. As soon as you click the [...] button next to the ContextString the ContextString Editor is displayed. The default behavior is that the existing ContextString text is not selected. However, if you want this behavior to automatically select the text to make it quicker to overwrite the text then set the above option in "Project Settings".

On opening, always open the last project

When checked, FastHelp will open your last project as normal. This is the default action. However, if it is unchecked then FastHelp will present the "Open Project" screen.

User Interface Language

FastHelp is available in several languages. Changing the language will affect the captions of the labels that you see throughout FastHelp. Your selection will affect only how you view the screens within FastHelp. The chosen language does not affect the compile settings. To affect the language of the compiled version you can set the International settings in the "HtmlHelp Compiler Options" screen.

Auto Save Restore Points

A restore point is created every time you save a page. You can go back to these restore points if you accidentally make changes that you wish to undo. This option allows you to specify how many Restore Points this project should have, from 0 to 999.

Last used HelpIDs

A HelpID is a unique identifier for a page. It is often used by applications when calling a help file. You can specify the starting number for Topics and Popups, which both have separate number ranges. The next time you add a new contents entry it will increment the HelpID for that page by the number in the "Increment HelpIDs by" field. The default value is 1. You should not have to change these values, but you can if you wish.

Wait for Delayed Writes on Network

If your network uses replication or has delayed writes on the network, then you may want to slow down the compile process to wait for those delayed writes to complete. If you are experiencing problems where the compiled output is missing help text then try setting this value to 1 or 2 seconds. The default value is zero and most people will never need this changed. Only change this setting if you have a very slow network or use delayed writes or replication.