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Unfortunately Not In Vista
Support for WinHelp has been dropped by Microsoft in Windows Vista. If you are using Vista then the WinHelp options are disabled by default. To enable them go to "Project Settings" and check the option "Show WinHelp Options Under Vista".

This option is found on the "General Settings" tab in "WinHelp Compiler Options".

Help Title
This is the title that will appear when your help file is displayed. It may be overridden by a different title on the Windows tab, but this is the default title.

Display this Topic First
If this is blank then Fast-Help will choose the first Topic in your Contents, but you can choose another here, if you wish. Use the [...] ellipsis button to pick a Topic.

Language and Character Set
These determine how your help file is compiled. Use the arrows to select the correct language and character set for your country.

Dialog Font Settings
Choose a font and settings that best display your country's text.

Generate Full Text Search

This is not necessary but if you choose it you will get a ".fts" file in your WinHelp folder, which you can optionally ship with your help file and contents file, ".cnt" file. The first time your user opens your help file and tries to search it, they will get a screen telling them to wait while the help file is prepared for first time use. Shipping the ".fts" file will prevent this.


This reduces the size of your ".hlp" file considerably, but it is slow.

Use Double-byte character Sets

This is important if you are creating a help file for Asian or Eastern languages.