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The Fast-Help environment is in many ways, designed to look like your finished help file. At the top of your screen you will see your Project name, then your help file name, then the Project title. Below that you have three main tabs, Help Text, Index and Tasks. Help Text is where most of your work is done.


On the left of the Help Text tab you have the Contents tree. Here you add and delete Topics and Headings. When you select a Topic the editor, on the right, displays your help text.

Contents and Popups

If you look at the bottom of your Contents you will see another tab, "Popups". This contains a list of Popups, which are small pages of text that can pop up in small windows and are used for things like displaying quick definitions.

Help Text

The editor, on the right, is where you type in all your help text. It has two sections. At the top is the Nonscroll region, where you can type in a heading for your page that will remain static at the top of your page. Below this is the scroll region, where you can type as much text as you like. You can insert images, format text, make links to other topics etc.


At the bottom of the help text editor there is another tab, "Properties". On this tab there are advanced settings where you can add a background image to just that page and lots of other things.

One Minute Challenge

If you haven't already done so, it is a great idea to take the One Minute Challenge to run Fast-Help through its paces and get an idea of what it can do for you.