How do I embed a Flash file?
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This example references a Flash file from one of our programmers holiday's in Thailand, don't worry it's not that kind of video!

  1. Select "Insert | HtmlHelp Control | <TAG>"
  2. Type in:
    <embed width="320" height="240" src="">
    and click [OK].

Now compile as a HtmlHelp file and if you are connected to the Internet you will see the above flash file display within your CHM file.

If you want to include your flash file within your CHM file, select "Project | HtmlHelp Compiler Options" and click on the "Advanced" tab, then the "[Files]" tab. Type in:


Then in the <TAG> type in:-

  <embed width="320" height="240" src="Images\YourFlashFile.swf">

This way the swf file is actually inside the CHM file and you only need to ship your CHM file, not the SWF file. If you leave out the width and height your video will still display but using the correct values for your video will speed up the display and prevent it from being shown full screen.

Note: Please copy your swf files into the "HtmlHelp\Images" folder, below your project folder.