Html Settings
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The "Html Settings" tab is the second tab in "Project Settings".

Default Html extension

The default html extension in FastHelp is ".html", but you can change it here to something else, such as ".htm" or ".php".

Save Lists/Bullets using Inline Style

Bulleted and numbered lists are saved as normal html lists, but if this option is checked then lists will be saved using inline CSS styles. This option is of benefit to customers who have customized lists. Customized lists will compile perfectly in all documentation options, but because of the limitations of Html, support for them in Html is poor.

There is one drawback to using this option though - if you use long lines of text for each list item, these lines of text will not be perfectly indented below the list image, but will be slightly offset.

Force Website Help pages to display within the Website Framework

When a html page is opened on its own, the Website Framework, i.e. the Contents, Search and Index tabs are automatically loaded around it. To disable this behavior uncheck this option.

Convert known diactric accents to Html equivalent

Certain languages such as Thai, use special accents on characters. HtmlHelp and Website help do not show these characters correctly and so they must use the Html equivalent. When this option is checked, the compiler will convert any known diactric accents into their Html equivalent codes. Do not choose this option for Japanese.

If an image has been resized in the editor then resize the original to match it

When you insert an image into the FastHelp editor you can then select the image and resize it. Even though the image may now be smaller in the editor, the original image remains unchanged. When this setting is checked, during compile the original image is copied to the HtmlHelp or Website Images folder and is then resized to match the dimensions of the image in the editor. This can save a lot of space if you generally reduce the size of your images when resizing. If you do not want FastHelp to resize your original images during compilation then uncheck this option.

Background Image

You can set a background image for all pages by selecting an image here. It can be a png, gif, jpg or bmp file.