Images in PocketPC Help
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PegHelp is the PocketPC Help file viewer that comes with PocketPC. PegHelp only recognises one format, bitmaps. It does not recognise jpg's, gif's or png's. But in Fast-Help you can insert whatever image formats you want and when you compile, Fast-Help will automatically convert your images into bitmaps and give them the extension that PegHelp requires, ".2bp" instead of ".bmp". But you do not have to worry about this, it all happens automatically behind the scenes, you can simply add the images you want.

Image sizes and resolution

Needless to say, size is important in PocketPC devices so you may want to save your images in a low resolution, even in black and white, to reduce the image size before inserting them into Fast-Help. Please also take into consideration the screen size that you have to work with and keep your image sizes as small as possible.

Capturing Screenshots

The simplest way to capture screenshots of your PocketPC application is using the Remote ZoomIn feature within Microsoft embedded Visual Tools when your device is linked to the desktop.