Importing MS Office Documents
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This option can be found on the "File | Import" menu. If you have MS Office installed, you can import almost any Office document. There are three steps to the import process, as follows:

1. Select the MS Office Document you wish to Import

You can choose from a variety of document types and once selected, the MS Office converter will read in your document. You can only select one document at a time.

2. Check that the Topic Markers correctly identify the Title and start position of your Topics

Your screen will be maximized and your document will be displayed as it will appear within Fast-Help. You will notice that there are large yellow buttons, with the caption "<BEGIN TOPIC>" followed by the Topic Title. These are Topic Markers.

Fast-Help scans your document for Page Breaks, and assumes that these denote the start position of each topic. But you can add your own by clicking on the [Add] button on the toolbar. You can also cut and paste Topic Markers to different positions. To delete a Topic Marker, click it and select "Delete Topic Marker". To change the title of a Topic, click the Topic Marker and select "Edit Title".

You can also ignore pages by clicking on the Topic Markers for those pages and selecting "Ignore this Topic". When you have finished adjusting the Topic Markers, click [Next].

3. Choose how to import your Topics

You can create a New Project and add the Topics to the current Project.

Your images and text will be converted and read in and should be of a very good quality. Links, unfortunately are not exported from Word in a way that Fast-Help can read them, so these are ignored. So if you have any links that you need, they will need to be recreated manually within Fast-Help.