Importing Html Files
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You can access this screen by selecting "File | Import | Html Files". You can use this wizard to select a single html file or a whole folder of html files and import them into your current Project or into a new Project.

Step One

Select the files to be imported. You can click on a single file, or hold down your shift key or control key and select multiple files. You can also type in "*.html" and then click [Next] and all html files in the current folder will be selected.

Step Two

Change any Titles that need changing. This step lists all the files you have selected. The titles for each page will be extracted from the files, if a title has been set. These titles will appear as the Topic titles in Fast-Help so you now have the opportunity to change any titles before importing. Click on any html file and then change the Title by typing in the field at the top. Click [Next] when ready.

Step Three

Decide how you want to import these html files. The default option is to import these files into the current project. But you may decide to import them into a new Project. To do so, simply check the "New Project" option and fill in the Project name, Title and Project folder name as you normally would when creating a new Project.

Click [Finish] and your html files will be imported.

Note: Fast-Help is a single-source editor that compiles to multiple formats. It is not a native html editor, so if there are any specific html features that are not supported, such as scripts or objects, you can add any raw html into Fast-Help using the "Insert | HtmlHelp | <TAG>" feature. If your page does not resemble what you expect after import you may want to refer to the file as an external file by specifying this option on the Html tab of the page Properties.

Tidying up after Importing

The import process will try to reproduce your old help file as precisely as possible, but the nature of conversion means that not everything will be perfect. You may have some formatting to tidy up etc. To help with this there are some tools that you might find useful: