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This tab represents the "Index" tab you see in any help file. When you add a new Topic the title of that Topic is automatically added to the Index. When you delete your Topic the entry in the Index is automatically deleted. Each entry in the index is called a keyword. You can add new keywords, delete, rename etc. You can also sort them alphabetically or make your own listing.

Adding a new Keyword

The simplest way to add a new Keyword is to highlight a word or phrase in the editor, then right-click and select "Add as a Keyword" and it will be added to the Index. You will see a confirmation of this in the Status bar at the bottom of the screen.

You can also click on the [Add Keyword] toolbar icon on the "Index" tab. That allows you to specify which Topic to link to.

Topics that use the Current Keyword

On the right of the Index tab you can show all topics that link to the current keyword, and then see all keywords that belong to a specific topic. It is very flexible and very powerful.

Index Sub-Entries

Let's say you have a series of keyword called "BMW 3 series", "BMW 5 series", "BMW 7 series" etc. They could look like this in the Index:

        BMW 3 series

        BMW 5 series

        BMW 7 series

To enhance the usability of your Index you could create a single Index heading called "BMW" and then add all the other entries below it. To do this:

  1. Add a new Index entry called "BMW" and point it to the "BMW 3 series" Topic.
  2. Sort the Index alpahbetically by clicking on the Sort icon in the Index toolbar.
  3. Now select "BMW 3 series" and use the right toolbar icon on the Index tab and it will indent to the right below "BMW". Repeat this for the other two entries and your Index should now look like this:
            BMW 3 series
            BMW 5 series
            BMW 7 series

Now compile and test. Note: You can also drag and drop index entries below each other.