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These are the choices within the "Insert" menu


Displays the Insert Image screen where you visually select an image which is inserted in the editor at your cursor position.


If you have text selected in the editor, then this option will display the Link screen where you can select the type of link you want to create. The selected text is then converted into a link. The shortcut is F4.

Horizontal Line

Inserts a straight line the width of your page. It is the equivalent of <HR> in html.

Expandable Paragraph

Creates a hidden/visible Paragraph that is clickable from the currently selected text.

Insert Page Break

When selected, you will see a horizontal line with a page curl at the end, to signify the page break. It can be deleted like any other character. The Page Break will only be used when compiling to the documentation formats.

HtmlHelp Control

There are 10 options on this menu. They are all specialized controls for accessing the HtmlHelp API apart from the first one, <TAG>, which allows you to insert any block of HTML within the editor in a nice neat tag. You can double-click the tag to edit the hidden html. When you compile, the html is added to your page. Select any of the controls from the menu and press F1 for more help.


Inserts a condition that you choose from a list. This menu item will then change to an ENDIF image. When you are finished typing in the condition select this menu option again to complete the condition.


Inserts a variable that you choose from a list at the cursor position.


Displays the Anchors screen for the current page. You can create a new Anchor or select an existing one and it will be inserted at the cursor position.

Merge another Contents

Inserts another contents file in the Contents. This option is used for merging help files in both WinHelp and HtmlHelp.