Inserting an Image
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Select "Insert | Image" or click the button in the toolbar. The following screen will appear. Your images folder for your Project will be displayed. Click on any image and it will be previewed on the right. If the image is too big you can click on the "Stretch" option at the top to force it to fit within the screen.

In the toolbar you can select another folder using the drop down arrow. The other toolbar buttons are explained below:-

If you have browsed to this folder, click this to move back up one level

If you are in a different folder, clicking this quickly brings you back to your Project's Images folder

View images as Icons

View images as a List

View images as a Detailed list

At the bottom of the screen you can filter on different file types. Fast-Help supports the following image file types:-





*.shg (segmented hypergraphics, i.e. clickable images)

Resizing an Image

You can click on an image and you will see resize handle appear around it. If you click on a side handle and drag and resize you will increase the height or width of the image. If you drag and resize from the bottom right corner then you will resize both height and width. Resizing will maintain aspect ratio, which effectively means it will look pretty good not matter how you resize it. If you want to reset the sizing of an image, simply right-click it and select "Reset Image to Original Size".

Note: When you resize an image, you don't actually change its original dimensions, you merely change how it appears within the editor. If you want to save the image to a new file name using the new dimensions, right-click and select "Save Image to a New File Name". This is important, especially if you use the same image name in different topics.

Replacing an Image

You can also right-click an image and select "Replace Image". This allows you to select a replacement image without deleting the current image. This is useful if you have hotspots or properties set for the image. You can add hotspots and set properties by double-clicking the image.


The Favorites field allows you to quickly select one of your favorite folders. To add the currently selected folder as one of your favorite locations, simply click the Add Favorites button to the right of the field. To delete any favorite folder from the list, select it from the drop down list and click the Remove Favorite button.

Clicking [OK] will insert your image at the position of your cursor. Once your image has been inserted you can manipulate its properties, such as alignment etc.

Note: Double-clicking an image will have the same effect as if in Explorer, i.e. it will load the application associated with that file type. So to select an image and insert it, single-click it then click [OK].

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