Known Issues
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We are very keen to resolve all known problems so greatly appreciate your feedback. However, every now and again we may come across an issue which eludes an immediate resolution. Those that fit into this category are listed below:-



Image Zoom and HotSpots

When you Zoom in or Out of an Image the HotSpots will not scale with the image. Currently they remain on a 1:1 scale.

Image Alignment

Images inserted within the editor are always aligned as if they are text, even if you set the image property to Left or Right align. The overhead in processing text position as it is being typed, to continually calculate the image position relative to the text around it created an unacceptable overhead and so it was decided to set the image to align as text. This is a cosmetic issue only. When you compile your images will correctly reflect the alignment properties you have set.

WinHelp - 1st Paragraph formatting

If you have special paragraph formatting in the first paragraph of a Topic, such as multiple indents, the Nonscroll can interfere with this and cause the first paragraph to take on its default formatting. Although this is unlikely, to get around this, add a blank line above the first paragraph where this occurs, and then add a single space, click on the Font Size toolbar combo box and type in 2. This will cause an almost indistinguishable line to be added that will clear this problem.