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This is a screen shot of the "Windows" tab in "HtmlHelp Compiler Options". The standard window is called "Main" and this cannot be changed. It is referenced throughout the system and is the default window that all your topics will be displayed in. You can add more windows using the [+] button on the right of the Window name field and delete windows using the [X] button. To select another window simply choose one using the drop down arrow.

Each section is described in detail below:-

Background Colors

In the screen-shot above the Nonscroll region is a shade of blue and the Scroll background color is white. You can use any color you like. Click the drop down arrow in each box to select the colors you want.

Size and Position

These fields decide where your help file will display once compiled and how wide and tall it will appear. These dimensions relate to the size of your screen resolution. If you have a 800x600 screen resolution then setting Left = 0, Top = 0, Width = 800 and Height = 600, will give you a help file that fills the screen completely.

Navigation Pane

Show button bar and contents

If this is checked then you will have a tri-pane window, with a button bar along the top, contents on the left and  your help text on the right. Uncheck this option to just show help text on the right.

Open with Contents Closed

This option is handy if you want to display a large help file on a small screen resolution, so you initially hide the contents, but allow the user to open it if they choose.

Auto Show/Hide contents

If this is checked, as soon as the user opens and goes to the help text from a contents option, the contents will close.

Synchronize Contents and Topics

If checked, when you navigate within the help file, through links, index or search, the contents will track where you are and automatically show the relevant page in the contents.

Store Window Position in Registry

If checked, when the user moves your help file and resizes it, the next time they open it the settings will be remembered and reloaded. If unchecked the help file will always appear in the position you decided in "Size and Position".


This is the width of the contents pane on the left of your help file.

Visible Tabs

Search Tab

If checked the "Search" tab will appear on your compiled help file. Please note that this option will only work if you have "Full Text Search Information" checked.

Advanced Search

Allows the user to use "AND", "OR" expressions in their searches.

Index Tab

When checked, your CHM file will have an Index tab. This contains all the keywords in your project.

Default Tab

Use the Drop down arrow to select the default tab that will appear when this window is first opened.


This will add the "Favorites" tab that allows the user to add topics to this tab so that they can build their own custom reference for using your help file.