MS Word Fields

Since this is the first time you have selected the MS Word RTF option it may help to know about the way Table of Contents and the Index are handled.

For page number accuracy Fast-Help uses MS Word fields that automatically track the correct page number. However, MS Word does not automatically update fields, so the first time that your rtf file is loaded after compile, you can refresh the page numbers in the Table of Contents and Index by either selecting Print Preview or by pressing Ctrl+A to select all, followed by F9 to update all fields. You can click on a page number in the Table of Contents or Index to be brought directly to that page.

Store Images Externally

When this option is checked your images are not embedded in your rtf document. This means your document loads quicker and uses less memory because it links to the images in your Images folder. But, if you need to distribute your document to others then turn this option off so that all images are embedded in the document. This will increase the size of your document but this will allow others to see your images.

Note: This help page only displays the First Time you select this option, and will not automatically display again.