Multi-User Sharing of Projects
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Fast-Help Projects can be shared and edited by more than one person at the same time, but there are inevitably some restrictions and guidelines that you need to know about. Because the multi-user version has to do more checks than the single-user version, all copies of Fast-Help are inherently single-user. So in order to share a project Fast-Help needs to know that this is a multi-user version that you are using. If you own a site licence then you will already have the multi-user version, but if you have two or more licences please request the multi-user licence files from and we will send them to you.

Sharing a Project

Let us assume that two users, Paul and Sharon have installed Fast-Help on their own computers and have received the multi-user licences or have a site licence. They want to share a Project, so they either create this Project on a shared network drive or copy an existing Project and all sub-folders to the shared network drive.

Now Paul opens the Project and begins working. Now Sharon opens the Project. She will see a shared icon appear in the bottom right of her status bar. This tells her that this Project is currently being used by someone else.

Note: If you own two licences and a third user tries to open a Project they will be requested to purchase another licence.

Editing the same Topic or Popup

In our example, let's say Sharon opens a Topic and begins editing. At that moment she locks that page. No other user will be able to edit it at the same time. Let's say Paul wants to. As soon as he goes to that same Topic he will see the following flashing text in the status bar and that page will be read-only.

To unlock this page, Sharon would need to save her changes, move to another Topic, then when Paul moves back to that Topic, if there is no flashing warning in the status bar then he can now begin editing it.