My page has no Browse buttons
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Browse buttons look like the two buttons you can see above this text in the bottom right of the Nonscroll region. They are a Html feature and can be added by selecting "Project | HtmlHelp Compiler Options" and checking the option "Add Browse Buttons". The check box above this in the same screen allows you to decide whether you want Nonscroll regions or not. If you choose not to have Nonscroll regions then the Browse buttons will not be visible.

Fast-Help comes with ready-made images for the browse buttons, but you can add your own. Please copy them to the Templates\Images folder. You then need to tell Fast-Help about these new images. From the "HtmlHelp Compiler Options" screen click the [<<] and [>>] buttons to select the new images.

Headings have no Browse Buttons

Only Topic pages have browse buttons added to them. Headings which are editable will not have browse buttons.