PDF Preferences
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This is the "Preferences" tab from "Project | PDF Options".

Compress your PDF Document

Compression in PDF is not as good as compression in Help files, but if you have a lot of space in your help file and a lot of JPGs then you may benefit. The choice is here for you to make.

Add Bookmarks

When checked, a clickable Table of Contents will be added to your PDF file resembling the Table of Contents you see in the Contents tab in Fast-Help. Please note that Bookmarks in PDF only refer the the table of contents. They are not the same as anchors.

Expand Bookmarks

If this is checked then your Table of Contents will be expanded when displayed, or if un-checked, the Table of Contents will be collapsed, but you can use the [+] symbol next to a Bookmark to expand it.

When your PDF Document opens

The normal way to display a PDF document is as a single page, but you may wish to display two pages side by side.

You can also decide to show your document full screen, or to use some of the space for Outlines or Thumbnails.

Viewer Preferences

Hide Toolbar

Removes the button toolbar

Hide Menu Bar

Hides the menus

Hide scrollbars and Navigation

Hides the scrollbar and icons that aid navigation

Fit Window

Fits the document to the window size

Center Window

Centers the PDF document in the available window space