Project Menu
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These are the choices within the "Project" menu. Depending on what Product you are using you may see all or only some of these options.


Displays the Compile screen

HtmlHelp Compiler Options

Displays the HtmlHelp Compiler Options screen. (Not available in DotHLP)

WinHelp Compiler Options

Displays the WinHelp Compiler Options screen.

Website Options

Displays the Website Options screen.

Documentation Options

Displays the Documentation Options screen.

PDF Options

Displays the PDF Options screen. (Not available in DotHLP)

PocketPC Options

Displays the Pocket PC Options screen.

Project Settings

Displays the Project Settings screen where you can control the HelpIDs, Right-to-Left settings, etc.

AutoLink Settings

Displays the Rules that are used to configure the Autolinking feature.


This will display a sub-menu where you can display the compile options you chose previously from the Compiled screen, i.e. to display your CHM or HLP file.

View Error Log

Allows you to display the error log for either your HtmlHelp or WinHelp file.