Restore Points
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When you save your data, the old version of your data can be stored as a Restore Point. This allows you to later restore back to that point if you need to. You can have up to 999 Restore Points for each Topic or Popup.

Setting the number of Restore Points

Select "Project | Project Settings" and change the value of the maximum number of Restore Points to a value between 0 and 999. A value of zero will turn off this feature. The default number of Restore Points is 5.

How Restore Points are saved

When you click the Save icon, or answer "Yes" to save your changes, a copy of your data, as it was before it was changed, is saved as a Restore Point. Restore Points are only created if a change has been detected. This could be as simple as a formatting change or the adding of new text.

Restoring to an earlier point

Let's say that you made some changes to a topic and you realised you needed to go back to the way it was a couple of days ago. Using "Undo" will not help if you have already saved your changes, so you can either right-click on the page or from the "Edit" menu, and select "Restore to an earlier point". The following screen will appear:

On the left is a list of all the Restore Points available. They are listed in order of the most recent first and oldest last. As you select each one you will see a Preview of the Restore Point in the middle part of the screen. On the right of the screen you can see how your page currently looks within Fast-Help. This can be useful to compare with the data in the Restore Point.

When you have selected the Restore Point that you want to go back to, click the [Restore] button and your current text will be overwritten with the Restore Point.

The "Restore Points" folder

There is a sub-folder of your Project called "Restore Points". In this folder you may see lots of folders, such as "T7", "T489", "P95" etc. Each folder represents a Topic or a Popup. Within each folder are compressed files containing a copy of your data. These files are given random file names. You don't need to worry about these file names or folders as Fast-Help will automatically manage them.