Setting Image Properties
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Double-click an image and it will be loaded into the "Image Properties" screen. The image appears on the left and has the following toolbar options:-


The mouse pointer toolbar button simply means you can click on the image. The square toolbar icon is for drawing hotspots. The [X] button is for deleting hotspots and the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons do as you expect.

On the top right of the screen are the File name, Width, Height, File size and time stamp for the image. We will look at the hotspots field a little later.

There are three tabs, "HtmlHelp", "WinHelp" and "HotSpots". We will look at HtmlHelp and WinHelp.

HtmlHelp Properties



You can choose from a wide range of alignment choices by clicking in this field and selecting from the drop down list. Alignment will not visually change within the editor, but when you compile the alignment will appear as you expect.

Border Thickness

By default this is 0, but you can create a border around your image by increasing this value.

Horizontal Spacing

This option allows to you make slight adjustments to your image's horizontal position

Vertical Spacing

This option allows to you make slight adjustments to your image's vertical position

Alternate Resolutions


If your image cannot be displayed because the users screen resolution does not allow it, then you can point to an alternative, low resolution image


When the user passes his mouse over your image this is the text they will see.



You can make your image clickable by entering a value in here. For example, to click on an image and make it go to a website, type in the full path, i.e. "". To link to a topic, use the full syntax as follows:-


Although Fast-Help does not provide direct support for frames, this option is included for your use and for comprehensiveness.



You can use JavaScript events here. It must be in conjunction with the URL field. For example, to open a url in another window, in the URL field, type in "javascript:;". Then in the Event field, type in "onClick="'','FastHelpWindow',configure='width=300,height=400');". When you run this the url will be opened in a new window.


You can specify specific style properties here.

WinHelp Properties

WinHelp only supports three alignments, left, centered in text and right.

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