Spell Checking
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Press F7 or click the toolbar icon to spell check the current Topic. If a word or sentence is highlighted then only that text will be checked. When a word that is not recognized is found it is displayed as follows:-

You can "Ignore" it, "Add" it to your own customized list of words or "Change" it.

Choosing Other Language Dictionaries

Fast-Help ships with English as default. You can see if a dictionary exists in your own language by visiting the following link:-


If it does, simply download it and unzip it into your Fast-Help installation folder. Then type in a word you know is mis-spelled and press F7. When the Spelling screen appears, click the [Options] button and the following screen will appear. You should now see your language appear in the list. Click the check box for the dictionary you want to be used in future and click [OK].