Splitting existing projects
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Let's say you currently have a project with 300 topics and you want to take advantage of the Multi-Project feature for future maintenance. For arguments sake, let's assume that you want to split it evenly, 100 pages each into three projects. One way to do this is as follows:

  1. Open your project and select "File | Save Project As" and for example, let's call it SPLIT1.
  2. Now select "Edit | Delete Multiple Pages" and check the first 100 pages and delete them.
  3. Now select "File | Save Project As" again and save it as SPLIT2.
  4. Select "Edit | Delete Multiple Pages" again and check the next 100 pages and delete them.
  5. You now have three projects, the SPLIT3 one contains the last 100 pages and is ready to use. Now we must go back and tidy up the other two.
  6. Open the SPLIT1 project. There are 200 pages in this project and we need to delete the last 100 pages, leaving the first 100 pages intact.
  7. Now re-open the original project, which still contains the 300 pages, and leaving the first 100 pages intact, delete the last 200 pages.

You now have the three hundred pages split evenly across three projects.

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