Status Images
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You can access this screen from the "Tools | Status Images" menu. Status Images are icons that appear to the left of your pages in the Contents tree, to provide an indication, such as completed or pending etc. The meaning of the icon is up to you.

At the top of the screen you can choose where your Status Images are stored. The default location is in your "My Documents\FastHelp Projects\Templates\Status Images" folder. If you share projects on your server then you may want to create custom image lists and store them in a shared location where each project will use the same list.

Available Image Lists

This section on the left contains a list of text files that describe images and their meanings. The currently selected list below is called "Simple". Simply check another list name to select that. Each list has up to 20 images that are detailed on the right. Each image must be a bitmap, 16 x 16 pixels. You can assign a caption to each image so that it has a relevant meaning for you.

Enabling / Disabling Status Images

You can right-click in the Contents tree and select "Show Status Images" or "Hide Status Images". When shown, you will see icons appear to the right of the topic/heading icon. You can also use the "Disable/Enable.." button at the bottom of the screen below.

Using Status Images for the first time

When you first enable Status Images there will be no icons assigned to your pages. Click the [Reset All Pages to one Status]. This will assign Image 1 to all pages.

Changing Status

Right-click on a topic or heading and select "Set Status Image to.." and then choose a Status Image from the menu list.

Preview the current Image List

If you want to experiment with the look of an Image List, check the Image List name, then click the Preview button. This will reflect in the contents in the background. The changes will not be saved until you click OK.

Save Changes

To add a new image, choose a number, 1 to 20, and use the ellipsis button to choose the bitmap. Then set the Caption, then click [Save Changes] to save the Image List.

New Image List

Click this button to create a new list, then assign the images and captions as per your needs.

Rename Image List

Click this button to rename the Image List.

Delete Image List

This does what it says, deletes the currently selected Image List.

Considerations of Switching Image Lists

Let's say you start with a simple Image List, with three images, as per the screenshot above. Image number 3 represents "Completed" in this list. If you now change to a more complex list, it may be that number 3 represents a different status, so please consider this when switching lists.