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Inserting a Table

Select the "Table" menu then select "Insert Table" and you can set the number of columns, i.e. the number of cells you will see from left to right. Then set the number of rows, i.e. the number of rows you will see from top to bottom. You don't get to set many options when inserting the table initially, but once inserted you have great flexibility.

Modifying Rows / Columns

Select "Table" from the menu and you have a complete range of options to choose from, allowing you to add/delete rows and columns, set borders at table or cell level and to add background colors and even images. Simply select the option that is relevant. These options are very comprehensive.

Resizing Columns

Move your mouse over a column divider and the mouse pointer will change to a resize pointer. Click and drag the column divider to resize it. You can also resize the right border of a table. You cannot resize the left border because it has nothing to reference in sizing. But if you need to move a table from the left, you can either create a hidden left column like the one below or nest one table inside another.

The properties for this table are "No Table Borders" and the cell borders for the left column cells have been set to none.

I am the second row

Clearing Tables Borders

  1. Select "Table | Table Properties"
  2. Click [Table Borders] and in the screen that appears click "None"
  3. Then click [Cell Borders] and in the screen that appears click "None" and click [OK]

Aligning Cell Contents

Select "Table | Align Cell Contents" to set the possible options as follows:-


The text in this cell is aligned to the Top

The text in this cell is aligned to the Middle

The text in this cell is aligned to the Bottom

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