The Multi-Project Register
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To display this screen, select "Project | Multi-Project Register" from the menu. This feature is only available in the Corporate Edition.

On the left of the screen is a list of the slave projects that are registered with the current project. You can register up to 10 slave projects. Fast-Help needs to know about each slave project so that it can track changes and include these pages at compile time. To register a project, click on the [Add] button.

To remove a registered project, select it in the list and use the [Remove] button.

When you select a registered project you can see some information on the right, including the project name, the date it was added and the Folder path. The number of topics and popups that are available within the slave project and the number that are used within your master project, are also tracked, and are updated when you add or delete a referenced page.


At the bottom of the screen is a [Show Preferences] button, when clicked, it reveals three options as follows:

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