The Translation Assistant
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The Translation Assistant is a standalone editor for translating your Project into any language. It effectively looks like the "Translations" tab in Fast-Help International, but you cannot compile or add new pages. It allows a Translator to translate your help text within a Protected Editor that protects the integrity of your images, links, index etc. The Translation Assistant can be downloaded from:-

When you send your Translator your file and the above TrSetup.exe file, they will be able to translate your project straightaway.

Below is a screen shot of the Translation Assistant in action.

It shows the Project name in the Title bar and the Translation Language in the top left. None of the normal Fast-Help functions such as compiling or Project settings and properties are available. The Translator only sees what they need to see. It is made as simple as possible.

When the Translator finishes translating your Project they click on a button called "Send Translation to Customer", which creates a zip file that they send to you and you can then import that file and compile the newly translated language.

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