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These are the choices within the "Tools" menu.

Spell Check

Spell checks the current page. The shortcut is F7


Loads the Thesaurus specific to the currently selected word. This option will only appear if you have downloaded the Thesaurus. The shortcut is Shift+F7


Displays the Variables screen where you can add/delete or modify Variables


Displays the Conditions screen where you can add/delete or modify Conditions


Opens the Template Editor

Status Images

Opens the Status Images screen

Reset HelpIDs

In Project Settings the next HelpID is stored. If you want to now reset all the HelpIDs in your Project from say 1..1000 then this feature will do it.


This has two sub-menu options as follows...

Link Analyzer

This will analyze all links in your Project and create a report showing the status of links and where they link to.

Word Count

This will count all the text in your Project. This is useful when getting a quotation for Translation.


This has two sub-menu options as follows...

Compact and Repair your Project

This option will reduce the size of your Project .mdb file if possible, and repair it if there are any problems. Your original Project will be backed up and given the extension ".Backup".

Check Data Integrity

Checks your Project to ensure that the data is stored in a way that Fast-Help expects, as it is possible for a Project to be opened and manipulated directly.

Clear the Windows HtmlHelp Remembered Settings

When you resize a CHM file, Windows remembers the settings, so the next time you open it it is re-positioned automatically. Use this option to clear these remembered settings.