Translating a sample Project
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It is vital to understand the full life-cycle of a Translation and it is best to do this with a simple example to show how it all works. First we will create our Base Language project.

Creating our Base Language Project

  1. Create a new Project, and call it "Translation Test".
  2. Delete the initial "Blank Topic" on both the Contents and Popups tabs, then add a new Topic and call it "Welcome". Add some sample text, just a line or two, and a small image.
  3. Now add another Topic and call it "Adding a Link" and add some sample text and the word "Welcome". Highlight this word, right-click and Create a Link to the "Welcome" page.
  4. Now compile and test. You should have two topics with an image in the first and a link in the second that when clicked moves to the first page. Now let's translate it!

Translating our Project into French

  1. Click on the "Translations" tab, then either select "Translations | Language Manager" from the menu or click on the [...] ellipsis button next to the Language field.
  2. From the Language Manager screen, click the [Add] button:-

  3. Then, from the "Add a Language" screen, click the drop down arrow for "Language" and select "French (France)" or any other language you like and click [OK]. Your language will now be added and will appear on the Translations tab.

    Note: If you have the Corporate Edition then you will see a more detailed "Add a Language" screen as follows:

    The extra option you get in the Corporate Edition is the ability to choose what to use as the basis of your Translation. Normally you will use your Base Language, i.e. your main project. But you may wish to use a translation as the Base Language. For example, if you write your help file in Spanish, then create an English Translation, and you now want a French translation. It might be easier to find a Translator that can translate from English to French, rather than Spanish to French. In this case it would make sense to use the English translation as the Base Language.

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Your Project is your Base Language. It does not matter what language it is, but to refer to it in relation to other languages, it is referred to as the Base Language.