Translating the Help Text
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To begin with your screen should look something like this:-

At the top you have your current Translation Language. You can use the [...] button to open/add other languages. Then on the left you have your Help Text. Notice the Red icon on the Help Text tab. This shows that this section is currently Un-Translated. Below we see the Topics and on the right the text for that Topic is displayed in a Protected Editor. And above that it is the Title. These are the two things that need translating.

The Protected Editor

The editor is very like the editor you have been using up until now, it has a  Nonscroll region at the top and a Scroll region at the bottom. The difference is that specific objects are protected from accidental damage by inexperienced Fast-Help users, such as Translators. As an example, place your cursor to the right of the image in the scroll region and press Backspace. You won't be able to delete it.

Now press Ctrl+A to select all the text and press Delete. It won't let you. That is because there are specific objects that are protected, in this case images. Other objects that are also protected are links, bookmarks, variables and conditions.

Translating the Text

  1. Ok, the Title is the first thing to translate, right at the top of the page. Overwrite the existing "Title" with "Bienvenue".
  2. Now in the Nonscroll region at the top, overwrite the existing text with "Bienvenue".
  3. In the Scroll region type in some French text like "Bonjour...." and click the green status icon. We are finished with the first page.
  4. Now click on the second Topic and translate the Title, the Nonscroll region and the Scroll region. Notice that you cannot overwrite the link text. To translate a link you need to double-click it, and when you do the following screen will appear:-

    Type your translation in the second field and click ok. As you may remember in the normal editor, double-clicking a link loads the link editor. But in the protected editor it will only allow you to translate the text, not to modify the underlying hidden link.

Click the green status icon and your screen should now look something like this:-

Notice that the "Help Text" status icon is now green, showing that all topics and popups have been translated.

Now let's take a look at the Status tab.

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